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Tamworth Economic Development Commission hosts AGRIBUSINESS FORUM!

Because the Commission believes that no one town can accomplish as much as a region of towns working together, Selectmen and Planning Board members from the five towns of Albany, Ossipee, Freedom, Madison and Tamworth were asked to identify the agricultural producers in their communities and invite them to our Forum. Since agriculture is the a primary business in our area... It made sense to bring together producers of agriculture and those who need their products.

Information to help growers get to the next step in their efforts to expand their businesses was offered by our speakers who represented grocers, financial institutions, successful growers and producers and those with regulatory knowledge.

Lianne Prentice moderated the Forum and introduced the eight speakers: Maynard Thomson, of 'Raise the Bar'; Sandy Brocaar, of 'Small and Beginning Farmers and NCIC, North Country Cooperative; Katelyn Robinson of Northern Investment Company;

Janice Crawford, of the Mt. Washington Chamber of Commerce, representing Hannafords; Mike McPhail of Farm Credit East; Olivia Saunders, Field Representative of UNH Extension; David Grasse, of the Tamworth Distillery; and Eric Milligan of the NH Mushroom Company.

The speakers shared helpful information and advice to the audience who later had the opportunity to network individually with them for more detailed information. 

At the end, Brit and Jordan from Rosie's Restaurant provided lunch for all!

Economic Development Tamworth (EDT) is pleased to present our new website! We've created this site to be helpful to several different groups that include local businesses and service providers, residents, visitors and potential business owners.


Local business owners who serve the tourist industry will benefit from being included on the Visitors pages, and on the brochures and cards distributed throughout the area. All local businesses will hopefully find new customers who have used the Tamworth Business List.

Tamworth residents will find many diverse and useful tools. To help our citizens keep it local when possible, our many businesses and services are listed under the Business List tab. Check the right column on the Business page for emergency contact numbers. There you will also see a quick reference section for new residents that includes contact information for gas, electric, phone, vehicle registration, school registration and other necessary services.

Visitors to our area will discover valuable information on things to do and places to sleep, eat and shop in Tamworth by clicking on the Visitors tab.

Potential business owners who see the beauty and charm of our area as the perfect setting for their venture, can explore pertinent information on the EDT News page.

The EDT News page has in-depth stories about our recent accomplishments such as Tamwireless that can provide broadband throughout the town, our visitors brochure and cards, the Tamworth business and services list for all households in town….and this website! There will also be news about our present and future projects and goals.

Economic Development Tamworth hopes you find this website useful. Let us know what you think by emailing us at [email protected]. Good ideas are always welcome!






The Tamworth Economic Development Commission

  • Will develop a strategy for the retention, growth and attraction of businesses in Tamworth. The Commission should be charged with:
  • Supporting and maintaining the existing business base of our town and promoting a climate friendly to new business.
  • Identifying the specific types of businesses that match the character of Tamworth
  • Making realistic recommendations to the town to enable growth of its existing business base; retain and promote existing businesses, and attract new businesses to the town.
  • Coordinating town economic development activities with surrounding towns and utilize regional and state resources.


Tamworth Facts

Population (2009) 2,494
Number of Households 1,097
Median Age 43.6

Avg. Jan. Low Temp 4.7
Avg. July High Temp 80
Sunny Days 199
Rainfall (in.) 50.6
Snowfall (in.) 82.7

Goods producing 127
Service providing 400
Private industry 526
Government 152
30% of Tamworthians work in Tamworth.

59.8 square miles land
.8 square miles water
Residential 80%
Commercial 12%
Utilities 8%
44.5 persons/square mile
(Concord, NH 661.9 persons/square mile)

For more information on Tamworth, visit the town website.




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